2016 Season Race 12 & 13 Results

After the short summer break, we’re BACK! We debuted TWO new cars in September, Bruce Cain’s #11b car, and Bob Ford’s #16 car. Watch for their stories in the “meet the cars” section. We also figured out live streaming from inside the cars over the summer. Watch for links for those videos. We’re using our cell phones and data plans, and our costs are a fraction of other live streaming solutions, so we’re pretty excited about it. We had 70+ viewers on one of the feeds this weekend. Pretty awesome for those who can’t come to San Marcos, TX each month.

Anyhow, with the September races, we saw the threat of rain go from “no way” to “oh shit”. We were hit with a deluge about 20 minutes before race time. We had to move the driver’s meeting indoors, give a few extra warnings about the track being slick, and go try to race. It worked out ok, better than I would have thought. By the time we got on track, the rain was over and already drying out, especially offline. By the second race, there was barely any evidence of rain, the race was full bore!

We also welcomed two new drivers: Rick Soza and Bob Ford. Rick has raced with Chump, etc. but decided to give us a try. He had a scary beginning in the wet, wet track, but quickly compensated. We also had Marlene Van Sickle, who’s been studying racecraft very seriously for the past few months, jump into the #79 Ghia in the wet. If you’ve read the post on that car, you know this takes some talent and courage. She stuck it out and conquered the beast. We’re pretty proud of her, I know I wasn’t that brave last year.

The Fairmont continues to fail us. We’re contemplating its future. It just may be more stubborn than we are. Then again, maybe it isn’t.

Race Results

Race #12 – Mustang 4 – counter clockwise-wet

  1. Kent Webster #8
  2. Bruce Cain #11
  3. Jeff Harris #16
  4. Marlene Van Sickle #79
  5. Lori Harris #17
  6. Rick Soza #50
  7. Logan Quartermus #85 – DNF
  8. Michael David #23 – DNF

Race #13 – Mustang 4 – clockwise

  1. Kent Webster #8
  2. Michael David #23
  3. Lori Harris #79
  4. Rick Soza #50
  5. Bruce Cain #11
  6. Bob Ford #16
  7. Jeff Harris #17
  8. Logan Quartermus #85 – DNS
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  1. Dr. SVO
    Dr. SVO says:

    Ah the Fairmont, once again eating it’s way in parts to get some love and attention, it really doesn’t have to do that.
    I have rectified the issue once again, and have given it a slap on the ass to send it back out on track, hopefully this time it will stay out all 30 laps for the day.


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