2016 Season Race 14 & 15 Results

My how time flies. I’ve gotten really behind in my results, and I owe deepest apologies for that. I owe them. You probably won’t get them from me, though.

October was a crazy race for us. We had our first real contact between cars, and two new drivers to the series, Dan Hugo and Eric Robbins Jr. Only one of them was involved in the incident, so we got that going for us. More on contact in Season 3 rule updates. Let’s just say we’re going to implement a punishment system that will be referred to as “unfair” and “Medieval”. This is supposed to be Gentlemen (and Gentlewomen) Racing. We will absolutely punish any contact going forward. You’ve all been warned.

Race 14 also saw Bob Ford start to really get used to his new race car, to the tune of taking it off at the exit of turn 10 and breaking a wheel. He may have learned a lesson. Our only regret is we didn’t have a spare for him to run the second race (race 15). Sorry, Bob. Lots of crap happened in that race. Is 14 our new unlucky number? New driver, Eric Robbins Jr. did a great job for his first race. He didn’t collect anyone. And, as you can see, that was a feat.

In Race 15, I finally got to race again. I had doubts about the Fairmont being able to finish a race (that’s been a recurring theme) so I went out early and put as much distance as I could between myself and the other cars. It worked for about 7 laps. As it turns out, the Fairmont wants a full tank of fuel before each race, so the engine was studdering on each right-hand turn. I attempted to Finnish Flick the fuel to the pickup and ended up finishing third. At least we know what’s been causing the Fairmont’s issues. Or rather, we found another problem that can be easily solved by filling up the tank before each race.

Race Results

Race #14 – Mustang 4 – clockwise

  1. David Olivenbaum #50
  2. Logan Quartermus #8
  3. Dan Hugo #23
  4. Jeff Harris #17
  5. Bruce Cain #11b
  6. Lori Harris #79
  7. Eric Robbins Jr. #85
  8. Bob Ford – #16 DNF

Race #15 – Mustang 4 – counter-clockwise

  1. David Olivenbaum #50
  2. Jeff Harris #17
  3. Tim McMullin #85
  4. Lori Harris #79
  5. Dan Hugo #23
  6. Logan Quartermus #8
  7. Bruce Cain #11b
  8. Bob Ford – #16 – DNS
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  1. Bob
    Bob says:

    Gotta love these guys. I go all tank-slapper coming out of #10 and bend a rim getting back on, tearing the tire bead in the process. You apologize for not having a spare? Great, lesson learned, glad to help. I still owe Joe Galetti lunch for fixing that bent rim.


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