We’re a couple people who found our way into building race cars.  For a quasi-living.  We figured we should probably tell more people so we can keep going on living.  Our cars are based on 79-93 Ford Mustangs, but not the ever-popular 5.0 V8 versions.  We specialize in making the 2.3 4-cylinder cars into true race cars.  These cars can be used in High-Performance Driving Events (HPDEs), World Racing League, SCCA (autocross or road racing), NASA and Chumpcar.

Our goal is to offer true wheel-to-wheel racing to people who love cars but might not want to break the bank getting into racing.  There are lots of sources that talk about “racing on any budget” and the like.  We’re offering it in several formats.  From “arrive and drive” to full race car prep and building services, we offer it. And, we actually do build other race cars, we just really believe in this chassis for its affordability, substantial fan base, aftermarket, and donor car availability.

We also pride ourselves in helping others get into the sport.  So if you’re interested in getting into auto racing, we’re here to help.

If you like what you see here, send us an email, or better yet, come see us at Harris Hill Road on our next race day.

SB Racing and SVOC