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We Are Still Alive!

I know, it’s been a while.  But we’ve been busy, nonetheless.  It’s true, we lost our own series.  It’s true, “We” are less than we used to be.  But, through perseverance, pure stubbornness,  and some new interest, we have managed to limp along through another entire season.  We actually have a plaque now with names […]

Chump Pudding

O.M.G. They say,  “The proof is in the pudding”.   They also say, “victory is sweet”.  While we didn’t “win” anything, a third-place showing in a 105 hp 26-year-old car, 300 points below the 500 maximum allowed, was a sweet, sweet victory for us.   We’re really in love with our cars, and the love is spreading.  […]

It’s All His Fault

We’ve had a rough month at the ole’ Mustang 4 Challenge.  It’s been a non-stop series of ups and downs with each getting better / worse than the previous high and low.  It’s been so bad, in fact, that we’ve elected to designate a Chief Ombudsman.  I quickly nominated the current “Chief of Many Things”, […]

“Gentlemen” Racing

We had our first incident near the end of season 2.  Two cars tried to occupy the same space.  The damage was minor, but the cause got me to thinking.  This series is a “gentleman race” series (no offense to the female drivers, “gentleperson” just doesn’t sound right, and our female drivers don’t seem to […]

My Track Car Isn’t Running

We often hear about people having issues with their “track car”. This or that thing is broken or not quite working, or some gremlin has been haunting them for a while. We look at each other and shake our heads. Sure, getting one car ready to race/run at a track, and keeping that car running […]

Season 2016 Race 16 & 17 Results

Our November season finale was much like the national presidential election of the same month: Nasty, wet and with carnage. Fortunately for us, the protests were slight, and all factions are now “getting along” without petty name calling. Too bad the same can’t be said for our elections. It rained the day before the season […]

2016 Season Race 14 & 15 Results

My how time flies. I’ve gotten really behind in my results, and I owe deepest apologies for that. I owe them. You probably won’t get them from me, though. October was a crazy race for us. We had our first real contact between cars, and two new drivers to the series, Dan Hugo and Eric […]

Who Really Wants to Race?

I guess that’s the fundamental question here I have to ask.  We’ve spent nearly three years building a series essentially for my son and I to go racing affordably.  Along the way, I’ve realized that there are a lot of people who want to get into auto racing, but don’t know where to start, don’t […]

Humble Pie in 7 Seconds

I’ve always tried to maintain a healthy dose of humility because I believe no matter how good you are at something, there will always be someone better.  I abhor braggarts, I’d prefer to to be good at something and not shove it down anyone’s throat.  Recently, I had an eye-opening experience (again, it happens a […]

2016 Season Race 12 & 13 Results

After the short summer break, we’re BACK! We debuted TWO new cars in September, Bruce Cain’s #11b car, and Bob Ford’s #16 car. Watch for their stories in the “meet the cars” section. We also figured out live streaming from inside the cars over the summer. Watch for links for those videos. We’re using our […]