My Track Car Isn’t Running

We often hear about people having issues with their “track car”. This or that thing is broken or not quite working, or some gremlin has been haunting them for a while. We look at each other and shake our heads. Sure, getting one car ready to race/run at a track, and keeping that car running can be a challenge, no questions. But imagine, if you will, a world in where you have seven such cars and are TRYING to build more. So at bare minimum, it’s seven times more complex, and harder to keep six race cars in ready shape. Oh, remember, we’re not the only ones driving these cars. We have “arrive-and-drive” rockstar-status drivers that simply show up, and run the cars. And we love those guys. But that leaves car prep to two people, one of which, I’m convinced more and more each day, has a form of high-level autism akin to “Rainman,” but with slightly better people skills. The other of which is basically useless with a tool in his hand besides his own. There’s also this other guy who occasionally has room for us in his life, I think he’s going through a “delayed-teen-aged crisis” although he is several years out of his teens. He’s a late bloomer, and a hell of a guy when he’s on. Not so much when he’s not. So that’s our core staff, 2.5 people to build and maintain a race car fleet. We have grandiose visions of making this series be one of 20+ cars, a full race training program and corporate events Mecca. We may have bitten off more than we can chew.

jeff booger picker

Our Chief of many things, resident “rainman” and all around nut-job. Yes, that’s a selfie.

So if you hear us giggling in the corner when someone is bitching about their ONE car being broken, please excuse us. We’re not laughing at you. Not really. We’re more like the Black Knight in Monte Python’s Holy Grail, “‘Tis only a flesh wound”. We’ve had weeks where several cars were broken and we had but days to fix them all and get them back to the track. We’ve had lots of those days because racing is hard on equipment.

unnamed (1)

A broken shifter. We’ve had two of these break.

unnamed (10)

The Fairmont went through a few of these before we found the problem.


This was why the Fairmont kept shitting distributors.

unnamed (3)

We can replace a starter in 5 minutes, at the track.

unnamed (9)

Unless the starter has caused this damage…


New parts fail as well.


I don’t even remember what this came out of.


And… fuuuuuuck….

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