It’s All His Fault

We’ve had a rough month at the ole’ Mustang 4 Challenge.  It’s been a non-stop series of ups and downs with each getting better / worse than the previous high and low.  It’s been so bad, in fact, that we’ve elected to designate a Chief Ombudsman.  I quickly nominated the current “Chief of Many Things”, and my nomination was quickly seconded.  So now that we have someone who is our designated “problem solver”, I decided to take things a little further and basically just blame him for everything.  He’s now “Chief It’s All His Fault”.  With all the recent horseshit being thrown, it seemed only appropriate to designate a target for said shit to stick to.  But there’s good news here, too.  In order to throw blame to someone and claim “it’s all his fault”, we have to delve deeper into the nature of responsibility, credit, and fault.  So now that we have a designated scapegoat.  Wait, I like “Chief Scapegoat” way better than that other name.  Ok, so now that we have a target for everyone’s ire, we can proceed.

While he may be the target of ire, this will be his reponse

It’s his fault that we even have cars on track.  This whole thing was his idea, I just took the red pill to see how far the rabbit hole went.  Sure, there was development that happened between idea and reality, but without the initial spark of madness/genius, this would have never even been a thing.


It’s his fault that we have built 9 cars in 2.5 years.  It’s all his fault.  I had very little to do with any of that.  Try as I might, I have a demanding day job that requires travel, and I just couldn’t be there to help and learn as much as I wanted, especially the last 10 months.


It’s his fault we’ve trained 16+ drivers in the same time period.  I’m still a relative rookie when it comes to track driving experience, as opposed to his 20+ years of experience and countless awards and stories of true greatness.  I imagine I’ll steal at least one of his stories to tell my grandchildren someday, replacing the Chief with myself.


It’s his fault we’ve built a community of hundreds of followers who root us on and support us.


It’s his fault my driving ability has stagnated.  He hasn’t beat the hell out of me to get more track time weekly as I should be doing, and as other students of his are doing.


It’s his fault one of our cars took third place overall in its debut Chumpcar race.  That car wouldn’t have even been running on Sunday if not for the heroic repairs that were done Friday night and Saturday morning.  Also, see above, since these cars were designed and implemented by him.  I can personally vouch for the “PFM” he puts on his cars – I had to drive a car that was not built by The Chief, and it just wasn’t the same.  While all of our cars have some different characteristics, they all work.  This one was off, and just like I can’t put my finger on why ours work so well, I couldn’t put my finger on what was wrong with this one car, either.


I suppose it is also his fault that we have made some people pretty angry at us.  We didn’t realize we were surrounding ourselves with soft society practitioners, and while neither of us really try to coddle anyone, I’m definitely less offensive most days, so I’ll use that as an excuse to blame it all on the Chief.  He really is a hard ass, it’s not just an act.


It’s also his fault we haven’t expanded.  He fought me tooth and nail about sinking more money into this than was absolutely necessary.  He’s treated this like it was his money since it was his livelihood and future at stake.  In the end, my decisions to not get into some stupid situations were clearly prevented by his “Scottish logic”.


Finally, it’s his fault we won’t quit or give in to the naysayers, and flat out assholes who have popped up around us.  He doesn’t know how to quit any more than he knows how to let go when a problem pops up.  We won’t ever have the series we built and loved, and the bad part is, we won’t have a way for true track rookies to affordably get on track.  They are the real losers in this situation.  We’ll find places to race, and we’ll continue to enjoy ourselves.  However, only the normal paths to learning how to race are open now.  I love to say, “Pioneers get arrows” and we have completely demonstrated that idiom.  Our backs are riddled with arrows, but we will continue due to the limited success we’ve had, and the outpouring of support from our followers.  And if we don’t, I’ll just blame it all on him.

It’s funny because it’s true.

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    • MustangChallenge
      MustangChallenge says:

      Thanks, Chris. When you get to Texas, look me up, we can always drag cars down to the track and have a little fun. Any day but Monday and Weds usually.

    • MustangChallenge
      MustangChallenge says:

      Hi Gregg, definitely. We’re working on a series location – TBD, but you can still rent a car for a day for $500 at Harris Hill without issue. Running in the H2R series is currently on hold, though.

  1. Norm Murdock
    Norm Murdock says:

    Carry on, as you were. It’s like telling water to stop rolling downhill. You and Jeff are forces of nature. Thanks for helping get me shoved off in 2015 and for the great M4C ride in 2016. In the immortal words of Nacho Libre, “You are the bayyyst!”


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