Season 2016 Race 16 & 17 Results

Our November season finale was much like the national presidential election of the same month: Nasty, wet and with carnage. Fortunately for us, the protests were slight, and all factions are now “getting along” without petty name calling. Too bad the same can’t be said for our elections.

It rained the day before the season finale, and at Harris Hill Raceway, that means water on the track. A mixed surface makes racing specifically challenging. At the beginning of the race, in the “Dam Turn”, our beloved Terlingua (#17) lost control and got directly in the path of the crowd-favorite Fairmont (#85). A textbook t-bone resulted in a damaged door for the Terlingua, and not a single scratch on the Fairmont. There may or may not have been glass shrapnel in the Terlingua. No one will talk about it. This incident did, however, allow Lori to get around her husband and beat him like a rented mule fair and square. I saw it happen. David Olivenbaum proved once again that he’s part fish as he finished first.

In the second race, race 17, Jeff Harris, feeling violated by his wife, had something to prove, and prove it he did. He ran an uncontested first place, with Kent Webster running second with newcomer Eric Robbins Jr hot on his tail. We’re excited to see how Eric Jr does next year, as his smoothness in the Fairmont was duly noted.

Oh yeah, and our beloved Beta, #23 is no more. She was reborn as #93 in Race Red after her “incident” in October’s race. She is now stickered up with Winding Road Racing’s livery and will be running Season 3 with one of their ace drivers. Watch out.

One more thing, the Fairmont finished both races. I’d say it’s sorted, but that might bring on some sort of omen. It’s running well and we’re happy about that.

Race Results

Race #16 – Mustang 4 – clockwise

  1. David Olivenbaum #50
  2. Kent Webster #8
  3. Lori Harris #79
  4. Dan Hugo #93
  5. Jeff Harris #17
  6. Logan Quartermus #85
  7. Bob Ford #16

Race #17 – Mustang 4 – counter-clockwise

  1. Jeff Harris #17
  2. Kent Webster #8
  3. Eric Robbins Jr. #85
  4. Lori Harris #79
  5. Bob Ford #16
  6. Marlene Van Sickle #50
  7. Dan Hugo #93 – DNF
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