We Are Still Alive!

I know, it’s been a while.  But we’ve been busy, nonetheless.  It’s true, we lost our own series.  It’s true, “We” are less than we used to be.  But, through perseverance, pure stubbornness,  and some new interest, we have managed to limp along through another entire season.  We actually have a plaque now with names on it for the last two years.  It’s impressive, I promise.

So what changed?  Virtually everything.  We weren’t able to get the car count high enough for us to be fun to watch, quite honestly.  Like most spec racing, the fun was on track, not from the clubhouse view.  The track changed the rules to have a Miata-only class as an “A” group (there are clear suggestions on what the “a” stands for) and a “B” group.  This is our second year of this type of arrangement. The “B” group has become the mixed series.  We run with Porsche 914s  and Miatas who don’t want to get pushed off track by a certain few drivers in the “A” race.

While I was initially butthurt about not having our own series, I have to admit.  But, there are a lot of series that run with mixed classes, so this class is now a better training series than the one-make “A” race.  That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.  However, us running 4 cylinder Mustangs against Miata’s and 914s has caused some issues.

We have had to demonstrate the power of E=MC² a few times.  Most notably, in last year’s season, we had a 914 lose control directly in front of one of our drivers.  The result was a head-on collision that folded the 914s front end.  It also severely scratched the bumper of the beloved “Black Betty.”  Yeah, can you believe it?  One of those poser German wannabes scratched our car.  Unbelievable.  There have been a few other “incidents” where we have pushed people off track.  There was even an incident in last year’s season finale where the author may have slightly bumped another Mustang going into an aggressive corner.  In fairness, I had the inside, and he turned into me while I slid out into him.  I only feel a little bad because his anger got the best of him and he lost his third-place season position to me because he got black flagged getting back on track.  Wa Wa.

Long story short, we’re 800 lbs heavier than the 914s and 500 lbs heavier than the Miatas.  So last year, we opened the spec up to V8 cars.  We had zero takers, but this season, there’s a rumor that TWO V8 cars will start in February.  We think the V8s will compare favorably to the lines of the Miatas.  We don’t care about the 914s because we’re adding another 150 lbs now, they should just run away and hide. I’m kidding.  We like those guys, mostly.  We’ll like them more when they can’t brake check us and run away at turn out.  295 ft-lbs ought to keep them in sight.

So yeah, we’re back, or rather, we’re still here!  And we’ve loosened up the spec, so if you have a caged Mustang and it’s (mostly) stock, come run with us at Harris Hill, we’ll welcome you!  Our limit is no longer the 1:40 laptime these cars were built for, but now, we’re doing whatever we can to make them faster in an effort to be more competitive with the lighter cars. There’s even a rumor of an overall prize for next season for the overall winner of the “B” class to be sponsored by those of us in the B class with motorsports connections.  Stay tuned – it’s going to be a fun season.

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