Who Really Wants to Race?

I guess that’s the fundamental question here I have to ask.  We’ve spent nearly three years building a series essentially for my son and I to go racing affordably.  Along the way, I’ve realized that there are a lot of people who want to get into auto racing, but don’t know where to start, don’t have the funds, or just flat out need help in getting started.  What I didn’t realize when we started this series is that it would be the best way to “get started” in road racing.  We run at least 15 races per season, and the cost is essentially the cost of the car, fuel, and wear items over the course of the 10-month season.  I know a lot of forums claim to be the cheapest way to go racing, but this series truly delivers on that claim. This is all predicated on a Harris Hill Raceway membership, but those memberships can be had for $200 per month, so we’re not talking about millionaire territory.  This is shitty Korean car payment territory.


So we have 9-10 cars and probably 12 racers on a good weekend.  So why don’t we have more?  Sure we’re running 4-cylinder “Foxbody” Mustangs, and Mustangs have one of the most loyal followings of any car.  Is it because most Mustang people drag race rather than road race?  I think we’ve attracted more non-Ford people to the series than Ford people, to be honest.  Maybe it’s because the idea of driving a slow car doesn’t appeal to most budding race car drivers, even though every single racing coach says to learn how to drive a slow car fast.  Again, we look at each other over a few beers and we’re completely stumped.  We’ve been included in Winding Road’s series on getting started in racing.  We have a loyal following on social media, but as the kids say, “IRL”, we haven’t been that successful.  I’m beginning to think it might be my body odor, or perhaps the Chief’s foul temperament.  It’s hard not to take it personally when we’ve put so much heart, soul, blood and other things into these cars.


So do me a favor if you’re still with me.  Drop us a line, tell us what it would take to get you at the track and into a car. We’re listening.  We’re eager and ready to help you get in a real race car and drive.  This is approachable and doable for anyone who can drive.  We look forward to hearing from you!  Please use the feedback form to send us your thoughts.

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  1. Michele Smith
    Michele Smith says:

    I would love to but I just really can’t afford even $200 per month. The desire is there for me and several of my friends but we just don’t make enough money. That’s what it boils down to for at least 3 of us. The rest just don’t know about Harris Hill. Make a Facebook page and post it in all the groups. Sweet rides of central TX, 254 racing, centex cruises, Corvette club. This is the audience who has customers who can afford the price. It also has active members who would love to bring groups to places like Harris Hill. They already sound lots of money bringing their own cars to f1. That’s where I would start.

    • MustangChallenge
      MustangChallenge says:

      Great point. While $200 a month isn’t much for some, it’s all relative. You should give them a call, I know there are several groups down there “on a budget” and they’ve worked things out with the management. We’re not affiliated with Harris Hill, it just happens to be where the series runs, and they do have a FB page, but they don’t do much advertising. That might be part of the problem, for sure. Thank you!


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